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Prices start at $150 for a standard tuning. A Pitch Raise is $100 additional, please book your appointment using my online calendar.

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Piano Tuner for Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Delray, Margate, Parkland, South Palm Beach County, Lake Worth, Wellington, Weston, and areas between



When a piano has not been tuned in a number of years it starts to go flat. Once it is close to or more than 1/2 step flat it will no longer be possible to tune it and have it stay in tune with a standard tuning, since the strings have become accustomed to the new flat position. The strings will immediatly drop back to somewhere between the original flat pitch or somewhere in between there and correct pitch.

In order to tune a piano in this condition and have the tuning last, I first do a rough tuning while literally stretching the strings beyond the correct pitch by approximately 1/2 step (the lower stings are not stretched that much). After the first pass the piano will now be close to correct pitch and can be tuned normally.

Basically I have to tune your piano twice in the same visit and so I charge an additional $100 for this procedure.


Piano strings are much tougher than guitar strings and are usually not changed and rarely break, in fact tuning them sharp is not outside of their normal operating range. However if the strings are rusted or corroded by exposure to moisture over a long period of time than the chance of breaking becomes greater. I carry replacement piano wire with me (not for the copper wound bass strings those are a special order) in case a string does break and sometimes even a relatively new string can just snap ( I have had it happen although rarely).

I will tell you my opinion of whether your piano can handle a pitch raise when I am in front of it and can see and feel the strings. I will also show you exactly how flat your piano is on the computer screen so you can not only hear it but see it as well which makes the whole experience objective and not a guesstimate.

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